Smart Door Locks, equipped with either push-button or touch-screen entry, are more than just a convenient way to get your house without fumbling with keys.

When combined with a Control4 home automation system, they can keep you informed about who is entering your home. Our High Definition Technologies technicians can program them to lock themselves automatically so you’ll never leave a door unlocked without knowing. They can also be programmed to send you a message any time they are locked or unlocked using specific entry codes, such as those by your children or by service personnel.

Combine smart locks with outside cameras to see and hear exactly who is at the door, no matter where you are in the house. You can even unlock the door without leaving your couch or your desk, letting friends in while keeping strangers safely outside.

Worried that you already have a security system? Our installers can configure your new Control4 controller to make your existing equipment work together! Add arm/disarm functions straight from your door locks, your cell phone, your touch panels, and even your garage remote control.

Obviously, your alarm company will be notified when an intruder triggers your alarm. But why end there? Because of your new security capabilities, you can flash all your interior and exterior lights and blast sirens at full volume through your home audio system, making your home a very hostile place for anyone who doesn’t belong there.

Going away for a long trip? Have our installers set up “mockupancy” program that turns your interior lights on and off in patterns simulating you’re home. Studies have shown that burglars are much less likely to attempt to enter houses that are occupied. If you’re concerned about access to the medicine cabinet or gun safe, we can install contact or vibration sensors to inform you when an area has been accessed. Temperature and moisture sensors can be installed to alert you to problems like furnace failure or leaking water.

No single security system will completely protect you or your home from harm, but all these steps add up. With security products and features from Control4 installed by High Definition Technologies, you can enjoy a greater peace of mind whether you’re at home or abroad.