Want to change the mood in an instant? Our installers can create different “scenes” that will change all of your lighting simultaneously with just one push of a button. An elegant multi-button keypad replaces an unsightly bank of light switches to provide easy one-touch control of activity-based scenes. “Cooking,” for example, turns on lighting underneath the overhead cabinets and over the island to make food prep easy. A “Dining” button activates ambient, dimmed lighting from ceiling fixtures, and triggers the island and track lighting for a perfect entertaining atmosphere every time.

Returning home after a long day in the office? From your car, activate a lighting path from the garage to the kitchen so you can focus on carrying in the groceries instead of fumbling for a light switch or stumbling up a stair. With the addition of other products, you can even have the TV turn on the nightly news.

A “Goodnight” button turns off all lights in the house and ensures that exterior lights are turned on to keep unwanted visitors away. If your little ones wake in the middle of the night, smart motion sensors will trigger a path to the bathroom or kitchen. The lighting path can bu pre-set to 30%, suitably soft and sufficient with no need to walk from room to room in order to flip a switch. If you hear a suspicious noise, one touch of the “Panic” button activates every light in the home while flashing exterior lights, if you so choose.

With the Control4® MyHome app on your iPhone, Ipad, or Android device, one touch of the “Entry” button creates a lighting path into the kitchen and disarms the security system so entry is effortless. While you’re on your way home, use the app to ensure your driveway lights and sidewalk path is turned on.

Thanks to Control4 smart lighting solutions, and High Definition Technologies installations, you’ll achieve the seemingly impossible quicker than you can imagine. We will always be there to help you in any way, but you’ll be surprised at how simple it is to make changes and adjustments on your own. You’ll be able to keep changing the settings and scenes as new ideas and needs arise in your day to day!